Delio DelRio, PhD

of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos

The Pathos, Ethos, and Logos of my life are shaped and driven entirely by the call of God toward the glory, purpose, nobility found in Jesus Christ.

This page will introduce you to some recommended resources for Bible Study and devotional reading, as well as serve as a means for me to share the books that I am presently reading. If you are interested in any of them just click on the title beneath the picture and the link will take you to its listing on Amazon. Enjoy! 


My Current Reading List:


Recommended Resources for Greek Class:

Recommended Resources for N.T. Class:

N.T. Wright's commentary series offers a concise and yet informative treatment of the New Testament. These can also be purchased in individual volumes. Need something that offers a quick look at each N.T. book? Then this the commentary series for you.




Bromberg's work on the parables of Jesus is a widely accepted as offering a solid methodological approach to interpreting the parables. Need help in better understanding Jesus' parables? Then this is the book for you!




Interpreting the Parables
By Craig L. Blomberg

Hock's book focuses on Paul's missionary life with specific focus on how his daily ministry looked and how he would have been perceived as a tentmaker. Hock's book is a technical treatment and reads like a dissertation, but gives an interesting look at the intersection of Paul's ministry, trade skill, and the social world around him.


Meeks's book is a "classic," "must-read" examination of the social context of Paul's urban churches. This is a fascinating read on the social dynamics of Paul's world. Need help in understanding why Paul says a lot of what he says to the churches addressed in his letters? Then this book is for you!



My Recommended Reading List:

Wright's series on "The New Testament for Everyone" is a great place to start for a little deeper look.

Walton offers a fresh and insightful look at Genesis 1.


Both Platt and McManus offer great reads for a more devotional and challenging look at what it means to follow after Jesus. 



A "classic" and must read for all Christians. Bonhoeffer challenges misguided understandings of discipleship and grace in a partly devotional and partly intellectual way.

The Cost of Discipleship
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

For those interested in strengthening their ability to understand the Bible, this "How To" book will walk you through the issues that must be thought out and offer some practical steps to take.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
By Gordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart

This book offers a series of scholarly, easy-to-read, and insightful essays on various aspects of the book of Revelation.



Utilizing a narrative approach to reading Paul's letters, Kirk demonstrates the continuity that exists between Jesus and Paul, and explores the narrative contours of the Christian life.


In this book, Wright discusses what he believes to be a major problem in the contemporary understanding of the Gospel; namely, "we have all forgotten what the four Gospels are all about.

Though this work is a little dated, Postman's polemic against  entertainment in public discourse and the negative effects it has had on nearly all aspects of Western American society, including the church, is a must read.